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Dino Dream Math on Apple App Store

Does your kid really love dinosaurs? Do you want to help them with their basic math skills? Give Dino Dream Math a try!

Dino Dream Math provides an assortment of challenges to help your child learn and hone their math skills. The focus is on incentivizing the player to remember basic math facts in timed challenges to earn some fun time wandering in a valley of dinosaurs.

By completing the challenges, the player earns exploration time to visit Dinosaur Valley where dinosaurs roam the land. Dino eggs are used to drop even more dinosaurs into the valley.

Example Challenges:

  • Single Digit Addition
  • Single Digit Subtraction (No Negatives)
  • Single Digit Subtraction
  • Double Digit Addition
  • Multiplication (1 to 5)
  • Multiplication (1 to 12)
  • and more…

Dino Valley Instructions

  • Move Around: Use on-screen joystick
  • Look Around: Drag finger on screen
  • Follow Dino: Tap a dinosaur on the screen
  • Add Dino: Press egg button (if egg count > 0)